With access to microprocessors, 3D printers, laser cutters, and expert software support - what will you prototype? This year we are collaborating with PDX Maker Week and we have a new location at Portland State University’s College of Engineering and Computer Science. We have an all-star organizing team of software engineers, roboticists, librarians, bioinformaticians, hardware experts, and scientists from OHSU, PSU, and OSU.

You do not need to have a project in mind before the event! You can just show up and join a team. If you do have a project idea, you can form a team at the event. There are no limitations on the type of projects that participants can undertake (well, keep it safe and legal). You can present your project at the end of the event (ok if it's unfinished) and document it on our GitHub repository.

  • The Youth Zone: A place for teens and tweens to hack together!
  • Data and Documentation Zone: We will help you document your project on GitHub! Get expert support for open source software, data-centric projects, and best practices for project documentation, data sharing, and open collaboration.
  • Open Hardware Zone: Support, equipment, and space to work on hardware and hardware/software integration projects.

Check this list of available supplies. If you need anything not on the list, ask us and we may be able to provide it for you.

Here are some projects from other Science Hack Day and hackathon events to help you brainstorm.

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